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Nate Williams

And my beautiful wife Bailie

I'm not sure if my wife will ever read this page, but if she does I hope this gets me some brownie points!

What do you need to know about me? I love God. God has called me to be a preacher, teacher, evangelist, apologist, and mentor to others. I try to use my gifts and passions to serve and advance the Kingdom.


Quick Bio: I'm a military kid. I grew up in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area, so I'm often called a Yankee and people say I talk funny. I moved down to Alabama in 2019 and got married to Bailie in 2020. I love sports, music, the outdoors, reading, writing, Star Wars (movies 7,8, and 9 never happened), and lots of other nerd stuff.

Dangerous Faith


Why does Dangerous Faith exist? In my experience, many Christians are not shown or taught how to grow in the faith. It is implied that a Christian should attend a local church, listen to sermons, and attend some classes on the side. There may be some ways to serve in the local church and the very spiritual people tend to do so.

You may be handed a Bible. You aren't taught how to read your Bible, so you leaf through it aimlessly, get frustrated, and then give up. You wait until the next time you are feeling spiritual (or desperate) to try again. You repeat the process and nothing happens.

Is that it? Is this life the life of a Christian? Do we try random things and hope something works?

There is a better way.

Dangerous Faith empowers Christians to live healthy, whole lives in pursuit of God. Dangerous Faith is a ministry that strives to light a burning fire inside of Christians to live radically for Christ so that we can glorify God by advancing His Kingdom.

We must love God with our entire being (Deuteronomy 6:5). I call this the 3H's (Head, Heart, Hands). With our Head, we develop a biblical theology and hold orthodox doctrines. With our Heart, we develop an intimate, close walk with God that is faith-filled, worshipful, and passionate. With our Hands, we practice our faith by serving and evangelizing.


To be well-rounded Christians, God has given us ancient practices found in the Bible through which the Holy Spirit transforms us from the inside. Examples of these would be Bible reading, prayer, meditation, fasting, etc. These are the methods by which God shapes our souls to become more like Jesus Christ (Philippians 3:10, 21). The collective use of these disciplines to become godlier is called Spiritual Formation.

We can have Dangerous Faith. Dangerous means "unstoppable." Hell can't stand before a holy and righteous God and those He empowers. You have the power of God, given to you by God for His glory.


Dangerous also means "costly." God is doing a work in our hearts that requires us to give everything to Him. We can expect tough times as we go into battle. Are you ready?

Dangerous Faith exists to help Christians reach their full potential as warriors for God. Through preaching, teaching, apologetics, evangelism, mentorship, and more, Dangerous Faith will empower you to live a life that glorifies God.

Education: Towson University Honors College– Bachelor of Science (Majors: Philosophy and Religious Studies. Minor: Business Administration)

Samford University's Beeson Divinity School– Master of Divinity

Columbia Biblical Seminary of Columbia International University– Doctor of Philosophy student

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