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Dangerous Faith

This ministry exists to reach Gen Z with the Gospel. The numbers tell us that Gen Z is the least religious generation yet, and the eye-test confirms the fact that our overall Western culture is increasingly post-Christian and post-God. If the Church in America is going to continue, we must do a better job of loving, serving, and sharing the hope of Christ to the next generation. Are you in? Join us! Share our content, support us financially, and become active in your local church and in your local community.

The Founder

Nate Williams

I'll keep it short and sweet. God has called me to be a preacher, teacher, evangelist, apologist, and mentor to others. I try to use my gifts and passions to serve and advance the Kingdom.

Quick Bio: I'm a Navy kid. I grew up in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area, so I'm often called a Yankee and people say I talk funny. I moved down to Alabama in 2019 and married an incredible young lady (Bailie) in 2020. I love sports, music, the outdoors, reading, writing, Star Wars (movies 7,8, and 9 never happened), and lots of other nerd stuff.

Education: Towson University Honors College– Bachelor of Science (Majors: Philosophy and Religious Studies; Minor: Business Administration)

Samford University's Beeson Divinity School– Master of Divinity

Columbia Biblical Seminary of Columbia International University– Doctor of Philosophy candidate (Theological Studies, with a concentration in Public Theology/Ethics)

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