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Anxiety: What Should We Do?

In this era of constant technological advancement and endless social media scrolling, the issue of anxiety has become more prominent, particularly among Gen Z. In this podcast episode, we tackled the gnarly beast of anxiety, its causes, and potential strategies to tame it. Technology, media, fear of judgement, and loss of control were identified as significant contributors to anxiety.

With the constant barrage of worldwide news and an unending flow of information, our brains can become overloaded and emotionally overstimulated, contributing to anxiety. We discussed the impact of this digital overload on Gen Z, where the immediacy of technology and social media can lead to fear of judgement and loss of control.

We also delved into the topic of faith, highlighting its role as a sanctuary amidst the storm of anxiety. The power of faith in managing anxiety cannot be overstated. As our panel of Gen Z-ers suggested, acknowledging God's control can be an effective way to cope with feelings of anxiety.

Furthermore, we explored alternative strategies such as deep breathing, engaging in hobbies, and stepping out of comfort zones as effective ways to keep anxiety at bay. These lifestyle changes, while seeming simple, can make a significant difference in managing anxiety levels.

Lastly, we touched upon the sensitive issue of using marijuana as a treatment for anxiety. While this topic can be controversial, it is crucial to have open and honest discussions about all potential treatments for anxiety. The importance of well-rounded lifestyle changes, such as adjusting eating habits, sleep patterns, and social activities, in managing anxiety was also emphasized.

In conclusion, dealing with anxiety requires a multi-faceted approach. It's not just about identifying the problem but also about finding solutions. By understanding the causes of anxiety and exploring faith-based solutions, lifestyle changes, and medications, we can navigate the sea of anxiety and walk out stronger together.

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